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HF-SCP800 I straw carton box packing machine


HF-SCP800 I straw carton box packing machine

This machine is designed for I straw final box package solution, traditional after I-straw been packed by HF-SP800, the operator has to put the straw into the box. To save labor cost and make the packing more perfect, this machine can reduce a lot of labor cost, better the straw delivery condition to the milk and beverage factory.


1. Machine equipped with SIEMENS PLC and Touch Screen, has auto model and manual model operation options
2. Machine frame has aluminum alloy protection and straw stainless steel transportation channel.
3. Machine run with lower power consumption only 1.6kw
4. Machine installed with servo motor and OMROM sensors, stable performance and low noise.
5. Machine has three lights indication signs, green(running), orange(waiting), red(malfunction).

Model HF-SCP800
Straw Length 50mm-145mm
Straw OD 3mm-8mm
Wrapper Thickness 15-30um
Wrapper Width 70-165mm
Speed 0-1000pcs/min
Maximum Box Size 90*65*60cm
Voltage 380V 3PHS 50HZ
Power 1.6KW
Machine Weight 900KG
Machine Size 2100*1350*1900mm

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