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HF-SCP600 U straw carton box packing machine


HF-SCP600 U straw carton box packing machine

This machine is designed for U straw final box packing solution, usually it’s connected with HF-UP600, to save labor cost and let the straw packed well in the box, this machine can run automatically from vertical and horizontal level, it has counting function, and can realize 5000-40000 units/box.


1. Exclusively for packing U shaped straw like zigzag in the carton box.
2. Working together with HF-UP600 for Tetra Pak, or SIG final U-straw application in milk or beverage plant.
3. Straw counting and feeding automatically into the carton box without labor.
4. Sensor can stop machine whenever malfunction happens or box is full.
5. PLC can control the straw laying direction and speed according with different box size.

Model HF-SCP600
Straw Type Paper/PP/PLA
Straw OD 4-6mm (other size can be customized)
Original Straw Length 120-230mm
Packing Speed 0-1000pcs/min
Packing Material Width 100-150mm
Packing Material Thickness 15-30um
Package Quantity 5000-40000units/box
Voltage 380v 3phas 50hz
Power 2KW
Machine Weight 900KG
Machine Size 2000*1200*1700mm

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