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HF-UP600 U straw packing machine


HF-UP600 U straw packing machine
This machine exclusively designed for U-shape straw sequence packing solution, it will be applied with carton drinks for Tetra Pak and SIG.
1. Exclusively for U-shape straw packing in sequence line for carton drinks.
2. Both plastic film and paper wrapping material are suitable on this machine.
3. Automatic counting function is easy for following carton packing solution.
4. Straw size is flexible from OD4-6mm, length from 120-230mm.
5. It can be applied for both PP straw, PLA straw, Paper Straw.
6. Equipped with manual fixing table.

Model HF-UP600
Packing Material Paper Roll/Plastic Film
Straw Type Paper/Plastic/PLA Straw
Straw OD 4-6mm
Original Straw Length 120-230mm
Packing Speed 0-600pcs/min
Packing Material Width 100-150mm
Packing Material Thickness 15-30um
Sealing Methold Vacuum Sealing
Voltage 380v 3phas 50hz
Power 3KW
Machine Weight 900KG
Machine Size 1800*1500*1520mm

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