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HF-PB450 paper straw group packing machine


HF-PB450 paper straw group packing machine

This machine has straw counting and packing function, it’s flexible for packing different quantity straws, suitable for distribution straw to supermarket and fast-food chain restaurants.


1. Machine installed with touch screen and PLC, suitable for packing different sizes paper straw.
2. Machine can pack from 20 units to 300 units per bag, special requirement can also be designed.
3. Machine can pack 0-30bags/min, depend on the straw size and package quantity. 

Machine Model HF-PB450
Package Material paper roll / plastic film
Voltage 220v/50Hz
Power 3kw
Package Quantity 20-300pcs/bag
Straw OD 3-14mm
Packing Speed 0-30bags/min
Paper Straw Length 100-400mm
Width of Packing Material 120-500mm normal
Sealing Method Vacuum Sealing
Cutting System  Serrated Blade
Machine Weight 850KG
Machine Size 3200*1200*2200mm

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