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HF-CP800 individual paper straw packing machine


HF-CP800 individual paper straw packing machine

This machine adapts the latest PLC and servo motor system, through color sensor to track and pack different size straws automatically, compared with HF-2P500, it doesn’t have to change mold to pack different straw sizes, use color pre-printed wrapper to make machine more hygiene and work with high efficient.


1. Machine installed with touch screen and PLC, suitable for packing different sizes paper straw without changing                    molds
2. Color sensor has the color register function, use color pre-printed paper as wrapping material, reduce the ink                        spray on the machine
3. Machine can run with much higher speed 800pcs/min
4. Application is extensive, suitable for packing paper straw, plastic straw, PLA straw, rice straw, bamboo straw etc.

Machine Model HF-CP800
Package Material paper roll / plastic film
Voltage 220v/50Hz
Power 1kw
Color Register Pre-printed
Sensor OMRON
Straw OD 4-12mm
Packing Speed 0-800pcs/min
Paper Straw Length 120-300mm
Width of Packing Material 27-55mm normal
Sealing Method gear pressing from 3 sides
Cutting System  Blade
Machine Weight 500KG
Machine Size 2000*1500*1500mm

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