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HF-PSB300 paper straw bending machine


HF-PSB300 paper straw bending machine

This machine overcomes HF-PSB90 shortcomings, it can bend small OD paper straw with 180°, the gap of the groove is shorter only 2mm, it can realize Tetra Pak and SIG U paper straw package solution for carton drinks.


1. machine can bend small OD paper straw with fast and keep the forming successful rate higher above 99%
2. machine can bend paper straw from 180°, it’s good for Tetra Pak following procedure U straw packing machine, HF-UP600
3. machine run with low noise and low power consumption.
4. machine has high requirement for paper straw raw material(paper/glue).

Model HF-PSB300
Straw Length 150-230mm
Straw OD 4.2mm/4.6mm/5mm±0.1mm
Straw ID 3.5mm/3.8mm/4.2mm±0.1mm
Straw WT 0.3±0.05mm
Max. Bending Degree 180°
Production Speed 0-300pcs/min
Machine Weight 1000kg
Machine Size 2500*1100*1650mm
Voltage 380v 3phas 50hz
Power 2.5kw
Operation Person 1

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