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HF-PSB90 paper straw bending machine


HF-PSB90 paper straw bending machine

This machine can bend paper straw with 90°, the gap of the groove is larger, it’s more suitable for large OD paper straw, such as 6mm to 8mm, this kind of flexible straw is more popular for restaurants and hotels, machine equipped with PLC and touch screen, easy for operation and production management.


1. Producing flexible paper straw with 90°, low requirement for paper and glue.
2. Machine operation and adjustment is simple, suitable for all levels customers.
3. Machine has CE certificate

Model HF-PSB90
Straw Length 180-240mm
Straw OD 6-8mm
Straw ID 5.3-7.3mm
Straw WT 0.35±0.02mm
Max. Bending Degree 90°
Production Speed 100-200pcs/min
Machine Weight 900kg
Machine Size 1500*1800*1600mm
Voltage 380v 3phas 50hz
Power 1.5kw
Operation Person 1

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