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HF-SO100 cross cut paper straw machine


HF-SO100 cross cut paper straw machine

This machine can be used for producing sharp paper straw, diagonal cut the long straight straw into two short pieces, machine is small and easy for operation.


1. Special straight paper straw oblique cutting machine, it can cross cut long straw into two short pieces with sharp tip.
2. Automatic counting, automatic collecting with conveyor.
3. Cutting speed and cutting angle can both be adjusted, easy for operation.
4. Suitable for cutting different size paper straw, OD from 4 to 12mm

Model HF-SO100
Cutting Angle 40-60°
Straw OD  4-12mm
Original Straw Length 150-500mm
Short Straw Length 75mm-250mm
Cutting Speed 200-400pcs/min
Machinery Parts Stainless Steel
Machine Net Weight 300kg
Machine Size 1200*1000*1400mm
Voltage 220v 2phas 50hz
Power 1kw
Operation Person 1

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