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HF-A1000 paper stick machine


HF-A1000 paper stick machine

This machine can be used to produce solid paper stick, according with paper stick different application, it can produce different OD and length paper stick, through the belt  oblique rolling method, the paper stick can be formed quickly and strongly. This machine can produce cotton swab paper stick, lollipop paper stick at the same time without changing mold. 


1. Machine PLC is SIEMENS, servo motor is Panasonic, electrical components are SCHNEIDER, touch Screen is HITECH.
2. Machine can automatically slit the long paper stick into two short pieces, increase the production capacity.
3. Machine installed with OMRON sensor to produce high precise OD paper stick.
4. Machine is smart and flexible to produce different size paper stick.

Model HF-A1000
Paper Stick Length 100-200mm
Paper Stick OD 1-3mm
Production Speed 0-1600pcs/min
Cutting Blade 3 sets
Rubber Roller 1 unit
Machine Weight 1200kg
Machine Size 5300*1300*1500mm
Voltage 380v 3phas 50hz
Power 5kw
Operation Person 1

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