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I Paper Straw


I-Shape Cross Cut Paper Straw Specifications

Tetrapak I paper straw is particular used for Tetrapak or SIG carton drinks, such as milk, juice. It can be used for Yogurt drinking, because of its sharp tip. It's a new and fashionable eco-friendly product, it can substitute the traditional plastic straw and protect our environment.

Straw OD 4mm-6mm Straw OD 8mm-14mm
Straw ID 3.2mm-5.2mm Straw ID 7mm-13mm
Wrapper Width 80mm-160mm Wall Thickness 0.3mm-1.2mm
Straw Length 70mm-140mm Straw Length 100mm-300mm
Straw Packing Gap 10mm-15mm Color Customized
Cross Cut Angle 45° Cross Cut Angle 45°
Packing Quantity 10000pcs/carton Packing Quantity Customized 

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