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HF-S70 High Speed Paper Straw Machine


Product Name: HF-S70 High Speed Paper Straw Machine.

    1、 Body structure, Heavy-duty steel welded after NC cutting. Stable ,Strong and small vibration.
    2、 Paper stand , integral high speed design, constant paper tension control..
    3、 Glue stand, glue temperature control, feeding amount control.
    4、 Simple appearance, all motors put inside, make it easy for cleaning..
    5、 Safety as the core design element, transformation part protected , covered with 1.2mm thick stainless steel.
    6、 Stable, simple transformation principle, maintaining-free design, reduce maintaining frequency during operation.
    7、 High speed, 100M/Min paper feeding, up to 75M/Min tube production speed.
    8、 Networking, Industrial 485 cable, Ethernet cable, wireless wifi network,4G network, and distributed control system.
    9、 Intelligence, central monitoring, real monitoring run state of all equipments, production data can flow into ERP system for data collecting, Meanwhile, Engineer to be informed when machine has errors.


Paper Layers
Maximum Paper Straw OD 20mm
Minimum Paper Straw OD 4mm
Maximum Paper Straw Wall Thickness 1mm
Minimum Paper Straw Wall Thickness 0.3mm
Paper Straw Length 50-300mm
Production Speed 30-70m/min
Rewinding Noses 2 Noses 1 Belt
Cutting Way 7 Blades Pneumatic
Glue Way Double-Face /Single-Face
Length Fixation Encoder
Operator 1 Person
Way of Mandrel Shaft Fixing Pushing
Speed Control Server Motor
Power Input 380V/3Phases/50Hz


Machine Size:L*W*H 3511*1265*1800mm
Occupy Area: L*W Pending 8*5m
Wheel Hub Diameter 215mm
Wheel Hub Height 125mm
Min. Tread 320mm
Max. Tread 500mm
Total Weight 1300Kgs

Drive system

Mainframe Power 3.0kw Servo
Max Rotating Speed of Wheel Hub 200R/Min
Wheel Hub Output Torque 68N.M
Drive of Wheel Hub 2 Wheel Hub
Bearing HRB
                          Drive Motor                   DELTA

Control system

Man Machine Interface Colour Touch Screen Weinview
Program Version JS-NC5.0
Servo System DELTA
Actuator CHNT
Max Length (2 BLADES) 1200mm
Signal Component OMRON
Pneumatic Component AIRTAC
Synchronism Control Synchronous Belt and Servo Motor

Outfit assemble

Tube Holder Have
Belt Angle Adjusting Hand Wheel Adjustment
Belt Tension Adjusting Hand Wheel Adjustment
Emergency Stop When Paper Break/Malfunction Happen
Auto Glue Feeding Diaphragm Pump
Lubrication Electric Roller
Paper Tension Control Constant Tension Control Automatic
Paper Reel Stand Integral with follow-up Paper Function
Belt Sailcloth

Outfit assemble

Mandrel 1 Piece
Belt 1 Piece
Useful Tool 1 Set
Air Compressor Optional





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