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HF-S650 paper slitting machine


HF-S650 paper slitting machine

This machine is an auxiliary equipment for whole paper straw production, it can help slit the big paper roll into small paper reels, machine operation is simple and less maintenance service, it can slit with high precise width of the paper.


1. This equipment is for slitting big roll material into small width, it can be used in paper, textile industry.
2. This machine is suitable for raw material, like paper and non-woven, SMS, PP, plastic film, PLA film, glue tape etc.
3. It has functions of meter counting, through photoelectric eye control the slitting edge of the paper, installed with magnetic tension controller to adjust the rewinding roll strength.
4. The structure of the machine is heavy and strong to keep machine running fast and stable.

Model HF-S650
Slitting Speed 120m/min
Max. Original Paper Width 650mm
Max. Unwinding Paper Roll Diameter 1000mm
Max. Paper Rewinding Diameter 650mm
Min. Paper Slitting Width 5mm
Min. Paper Wastage Width 2mm
Voltage 380v 50hz
Power 5KW
Machine Weight 1500KG
Machine Size 3.5*1.2*1.55m

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